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Training Coaching and Facilitation Skills, this in-depth five modules of ftwo days training adventure to develop yourself as a professional Agile Coach | Scrum master discusses both Agile techniques and coaching and facilitating behavioural change. The In Company program on this page is designed for In Company purpose in to two modules, see below for more details. As a coach you will experience the Agile principles, values and applications. You are the ambassador and the role model of your organization. During this intensive and interactive training you will be trained in coaching skills and you will learn to get people moving at individual and group level. Agile transformations prove not to be that simple in practice, there is a lot of room for input of own practical cases. Training is given by two regular trainers, have extensive experience and therefore also have a great deal of practical knowledge. Certificate Agile Coach (after completion of module 1 & 5, see program). 


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Already during the training you are of added value for the organization where you work. This is because you carry out assignments between each block in your own practice and by keeping a logbook you have the option of pagina 1entering a concrete case during training days. For this you receive coaching from the trainers, so that your own organization immediately benefits from your training.


We work with different coaching styles and we look at which coaching style is closest to you and fits in with the desired Agile transition. Your professional development as a journey is plotted both within the framework of the program and beyond. Subsequently, the Agile context, dynamics, interactions to coach on ownership and self-organization are examined systematically. You identify your own talents and tools are provided to shape further development. We also specifically discuss different coaching skills, models and interventions, overcurrent (conscious, behaviour) and undercurrent (unconscious, mindset). Work on your Emotional Agility.


A good change agent can fulfill multiple roles such as a change coach or a facilitator. This goes much further than knowing the Agile tools and techniques. To really coach a team from an Agile mindset, you need to know how you can bring acceleration and energy into a team. Team dynamics, learning, self-organizing teams, a learning and improvement culture where successes and "failures" are shared. Coach contract managers in the process of organizing Agile and transition.


The training is completed with a product in the form of a presentation, a working product that you can use in your organization. It covers all the elements that you have learned in recent months. With a good final presentation and execution of the interim assignments you will receive the Agile Coach certificate after completing module 1 & 2.

For whom? 

Agile coaches, Scrum masters, team coaches, advisers, consultants and project leaders. In short, a change agent who guides organizations in change journeys and thereby aims for a sustainable effect.

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Experience with working in a changing environment and want to grow as a professional. Anyone who wants to develop more broadly as an Agile coach | Scrum Master wants to add more value focused on sustainable results in development and continuous improvement in teams and organizations. 

Works in an organization, where the learned can be put into practice right away during the training and the knowledge gained can be made more sustainable. You want a well-filled toolbox with peer supervision, facilitation and workshop resources.

During training recent literature in the form of articles, movies and backlog of books will be provided, and in edition you will also be given various instruments during the course that you can use immediately. These are both online tools and physical products.


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Module 1 - Five days: Basics of coaching and facilitation skills, concepts and theory; experiental learning, bring your practical cases.


Heart of Agile; beginning of an Agile expedition - The skilled Facilitatorpagina 4 1

  • Setting the stage
  • Focus Learning Path: Translate to your own context and organisation, personal learning objectives from client perspectives
  • The Agile Manifesto and its origins
  • The Agile mindset
  • Agile foundations: Values, principles and their application
  • Agile roles and responsibilities
  • Sharing own cases and experiential learning
  • The Agile team facilitation mindset
  • Definition of Agile Team Facilitation
  • Six Facilitative Roles & group dynamics
  • 6 Axis of Facilitation
  • Mindset, Behaviour, Results of the Facilitator
  • Gamification

Communication and coaching skills pagina 4 2

  • The agile coaching mindset, achieving essential mindset shifts
  • Coach competencies and your own profile
  • Attitude and skills; practicing and feedback
  • Presence, Listening and powerful questioning
  • Levels in listening, emphatic listening
  • The coach cycle, three phases; reframing mental model
  • Agile Coaching Stance
  • Presuppositions NLP; Levels and interventions in coaching
  • Achieving Self-Awareness/Self-Management in the Coach
  • Solutions Focused Coaching; ownership and strengths
  • Sharing own cases and experiential learning, action commitment 

Coaching the team towards high performance pagina 5 1

  • Team Coaching and Facilitation
  • To facilitate the process of change & transition; Trust and safety in teams
  • Model of Co Active Coaching
  • Coach as Agile Role Model
  • Feedback Growth Mindset
  • Practices and lessons


Module 2 - Five days: Deepening of coaching and facilitation skills, concepts and theory; experiental learning, bring your practical cases.


Heart of Agile; the Agile expedition - The skilled Facilitatorpagina 5 2

  • Agile toolbox summarised, such as Scrum, XP, Lean, KanBan, etc., in theory and application
  • The Agile team facilitation mindset
  • Definition of Agile Team Facilitation
  • Six Facilitative Roles & group dynamics
  • 6 Axis of Facilitation
  • Mindset, Behaviour, Results of the Facilitator
  • Gamification

Coaching the team towards high performance


  • Team Coaching and Facilitation
  • Helping a Team Detect their Own Stage of DevelopmentSystemic approach
  • Adapt Your Style Based on Team Maturity
  • Building SeIfAwareness/SeIf-Management Capacity in the Team
  • Handling conflict and dysfunctions within the team
  • Assessing the team as healthy system
  • How to engage teams & leadership in solving organizational impediments
  • To facilitate the process of change & transition; Trust and safety in teams
  • Defining the Agile Coaching "Contract"

Coaching towards organizational agility

pagina 6 2

  • Creating transformation foundations
  • Servant Leadership in the agile transition
  • Running an Agile transformation
  • Scaling Models: SAFE-LESS-NEXUS
  • Learning teams and learning organizations

On Safari: Show your company, visiting and learning

  • Invitation to show your company and receive feedback for only two participantsInspiring and coaching each other
  • Practices and lessons learned
  • Coaching on the Job

Learning Path and Certification - Day 10

  • Presentation of your learning journey
  • Lessons Learned, Learning Path
  • Value for yourself and your teams/organization
  • Celebrate the Expedition
  • Next steps in your learning path, sustainable change
  • For certification, EMCC/NOBCO Ethical (Behaviour)Codes coaches.

Language: Dutch | English with material in Dutch | English


After completion of module 1 & 2; Certificate Agile Coach -  PE-points - NOBCO/EMCC Global  Code of Ethics 

EMCC logonobcoCoaching in Organisaties is EQA (European Quality Award) certified by EMCC/NOBCO - Global Code of Ethics for Coaches & Mentors. The Code aligns with the content and requirements set out in the Professional Charter for Coaching and Mentoring. The Charter, drafted in accordance with European law, is registered on the dedicated European Union database, which lists selfregulation initiatives in Europe and worldwide.

Before the start participants do have an intake with trainer about learning objectives and receive their certification if they accomplish next conditions for certification:

  • The participant works during the course on his or her learning objectives professional reflection and actions with clients and teams (experiental learning; learning by doing), best practices, lessons learned and to learn as professional Agile coach, Scrum Master.(self)reflection and feedback.
  • Students do have the possibility to practice the agile coaching in their company and do participate all days of the course.  
  • To study the syllabi, transfer and application to the own company/clients/teams and desired value and professional development in Agile organizing.
  • At the end of the course: to present your own learning path and the journey and results with your teams and organizations.
  • During our practicing labs you bring in your experiences, successes and questions and you will coach each other and receive feedback. You translate this on what is next to learn and practize this with your teams and organization. 
  • At the end of the course: presentation of your ow agile journey and experiences and results in your team of organization.


Feedback participants

“ The most interesting learning path were the team dynamics of our learning team, the interventions of the trainer; there was safety to be vulnerable and open and to learn together."pagina 6 1

"For me one of the most important lessons is that I keep on going with facilitating on the questions of the cliënt, so to keep listening on different levels and not to judge or start talking and to give advise. So I learned to be silent and to wait for the client to become aware of his/her own (potential) solutions." 

"The trainer, as an experienced teamcoach learned us to discover the essence of our own development by personal attention and questions, by appreciative and professional feedback (again and again from wondering questions)." The trainer/coach taught us the essence of coaching by focusing on our own developments with personal attention, and giving feedback by lots of practice - 

I experienced the guidance/support of the trainer as very pleasant, personal and committed. She is very involved, attentive to the learning needs of the group and easily relates them to theory and tools. she listens sincerely ... in one word: amazing! 

"I experienced Astrid Anna as a sensitive teamcoach/trainer who stimulates self organizing teams and professionals in responsiblility for people's personal and professional development and results in performance to client/customer

Cost & in company enrolment

In Company tailored programs and quotation

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Participants at least 6 to maximum of 16.

In Company tailored programs and quotation on request.. 


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 Dates enrolment - In company tailored programs (tbd)

Are you interested in enrolments 2021 or 2022, please contact us about dates and location, to plan dates and location with participants.

Location: together with client



Senior Trainers/Agile Coaches

Drs Astrid Anna Kuin, is senior coach, team coach and trainer with over 30 years of experience in the profit and non-profit sector. Since 1995 she arranges the Course Coaching in 

astridanakuin2which coaches learn to coach professionals, teams and leaders towards self-organizing teams and organizations delivering value to their clients/customers and markets. Her strength is to coach teams towards high performance, learning and innovating culture. With the program Course Coaching we are certified with the European Quality Award NOBCO/EMCC.

Astrid Anna has a background as Business Economics Consultant, with a focus towards Social Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Group Dynamics. She has specialized in psychology, therapy, and counselling. Together with Jan Remmerswaal she hosted the Course Train the Trainer. Characteristic for her approach are her listening skills, empathy, result orientation, stillness, analytical capabilities, humour and creativity. Worked with clients: Buurtzorg, Top Drie Beste Werkgevers, ING, Shell BV, Aon Hewitt, Aegon, Politie Amsterdam, TNO, Geveke Werktuigbouw,  several Educational institutions in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Rode Kruis HQ Den Haag and National, Rabobank, BNP PariBas Real Estate, ACTA VU/UVA, Gemeente Amsterdam, Koninklijke Marine en Luchtmacht, DUO.


Ahsan Mahmud, facilitator, trainer, agile coach: "Living Change to deliver value for people, teams & organizations"


I believe that the success of any organization comes from the creation of collaboration based on positivity and transparency, in which people can and want to take ownership. I believe in a better outcome by working towards a common purpose together in a cross functional team. I am inquisitive, analytical and proactively looking for challenges to improve myself and my environment.  With over 15 years of experience in  facilitating, coaching, leading, developing, implementing change in various roles and functions.


Visie en Werkwijze


  • Achtergrond/aanleiding van uw vraag
  • Invloed vanuit de omgeving
  • Organisatiecultuur en communicatie
  • Stijlen van leidinggeven; samenwerking
  • Gewenste veranderingen/resultaten


  • Oplossingsgericht trainen/coachen vanuit successen en mogelijkheden
  • Klantgericht en persoonlijk ondernemerschap
  • Nieuwe vaardigheden en gedrag
  • Praktijk en doelgericht

Investeren in professioneel kapitaal

  • Open communicatie, positieve focus en professionele feedback
  • Verbindend leiderschap
  • Zelfsturende professionals en teams
  • Van controle naar vertrouwen

Waarom ons?

  • Allround coaches en trainers;
  • Ruim 25 jaar ervaring;
  • Praktisch en doelgericht;
  • Coaching van professionals en managers uit profit en non-profit organisaties.


  • ING
  • Gemeente Amsterdam
  • Gemeente Alkmaar
  • Nationale Politie
  • Het Nederlandse Rode Kruis
  • Shell Nederland BV
  • UvA / VU Acta
  • Saxion Hogeschool
  • Aon Hewitt
  • KPN Den Haag
  • Stichting Talent Hoorn
  • Geveke Werktuigbouw BV
  • Zorggroep Apeldoorn e.o.
  • Stichting CJP
  • RIBW Haarlem
  • Woningcorporatie ZVH
  • Rabobank Utrecht
  • Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen
  • Reclassering Nederland
  • Socius MD Velsen
  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Weleda
  • Koninklijke Marine
  • Bayer BV
  • SNV
  • Deloitte Rotterdam
  • Focus loopbaancoaches

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