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drie bruggenMasterclass Agile Coaching is certified with the European Quality Award (2012 and 2017) - NOBCO/EMCC. 

Agile coaching: we facilitate professionals, self organizing teams and management in the change process and journey to Agile teams and organizations: practices, lessons learned and lessons to learn. Programma Master Agile Coaching Lab: Best Practices and lessons to learn, how to improve, experiental learning. What is Agile coaching and 'What are we coaching for'. Coaching at two levels, individual and team coaching. Being Agile and doing Agile. Tools for agile coaching. Agile mindset and Values: how to translate in the daily practice and culture of learning and improving, experimenting and innovating, to adapt and cocreate to cliënts and markets. Co-active coaching and the change in leadership, coaching leaders and professionals in facilitating skilss - intellect, intuïtion, interaction and co-creation. Hard skills and Soft skills, Listening at three levels and powerfull questions. Competences of Agile coach.Coachingmodel Agile organizing: how to improve our performance and coaching High Performance Teams. Diversity in teams. Cocreation in learning path and circle of improving. Appreciative feedback. How to facilitate (potential) conflicts and optimize solutions? GROW-model. Coaching model for self organizing teams and Agile organizations on their path of learning and changing. About Change and improving. Agile mindset: How to optimize the retrospectives? Tools for retrospectives. Tools for professional and constructive feedback and for learning teams and professionals and managers.

(HR) managers, professionals, teamcoaches, scrummasters (NOBCO/EMCC EQA-gecertificeerd), basic principles of Agile coaching, Agile organizations and servant and facilitating leadership, the role of coaching and facilitating self organizing teams, the professionals and the leaders and managers. 

To facilitate you, the organization and customers on the journey of Agile development and self organizing teams

It’s important to be truly transparant about our journey,

our struggles, little successes and little steps

and how we made it to the other side of our challenges.

                                              - Neela Montgomery

Programma Master Agile Coaching Lab

Context Agile organizing, agile coaching and leadership

Strategy, Performance and markets/cliënts, structure, culture 

Interventions, levels and results; improving and learning

Tools to learn, improve and innovate

Best Practices and lessons to learn, to improve

What is Agile coaching and What are we coaching for

Coaching at two levels, individual and team coaching

Being Agile and doing Agile

Agile mindset and Values, transfer in the organization and a culture of learning and improving.

Soft skills, Listening at three levels and powerfull questions

Competences of Agile coach

Coaching High Performance Teams

About Change and improving

Coaching for an Agile mindset: How to optimize the retrospectives? Tools for retrospectives.

Agile Manifest and principles: the transfer in your organisations, successes and lessons to learn (Agile being and Agile doing)

Tools for Feedback, professional and constructive feedback

The power of questions to facilitate ownership

Team Coachingmodel to facilitate self organizing teams in their development

Trust and safety in teams, a model and scaling instrument

Scrum as an important tool, how to improve in your organization and teams?

How to optimize your performance and interventions as an Agile teamcoach, scrummaster/coach

How to coach on strengths in selforganizing teams, tools for improvement 

For certification, EMCC/NOBCO Ethical (Behaviour)Codes coaches.

Certificate Master Agile Coaching NOBCO/EMCC Ethical Code - Agile Coachen as a profession

EMCC logonobcoCRKBO-logoOur trainingsprogram of the Leergang/Master Coaching - Coaching and Servant Leadership (HR) managers, professionals and (team) coaches is EQA (European Quality Award) certified with the European Quality Award by EMCC/NOBCO. Participant receive their certification if they accomplish next conditions for certification:

  • The participant works during the Master on his or her professional reflection and actions, his or her personal and professional development, questions, solutions and actions with his or her clients (experiencal learning; learning by doing)
  • Students do have the possibility to practice the coaching, at least with five clients and teams with minimal 50 hours op practice
  • Students make also reflection rapports about their coaching, best practices, lessons learned and to learn as profssional Agile coach; this experiences and professional development and path of the Agile coach is also the input of the supervision/coachingsessions with the trainer/coach (reflection on performance student and feedback) 
  • Wtih each student is an intake with the trainer; each student makes his own profile as a coach and his/her desired results and questions in professional performance and development.
  • To study the syllabi, transfer and application to the own company/clients and desired professional development in Agile organizing.
  • At the end of the course: to present your own vision on and tools of coaching teams in Agile organizations; your results with teams and organizations on their journey and development; reflection on your own professional development and results; and the next challenge.
  • Participating in the intervision during the course and with your own input and afterwords refelction action and new experiences with the client, teams and individuals, other participants in your organization. 
  • During our practicing labs, you will coach a team and get your feedback. You translate this on what is next to learn and practize this with your teams and organization. 
  • At he end of the course you write your professional rapport and you present your results as a professional Agile teamcoach to the trainer and to the other 

For whom?

  • (HR) managers; daily management (MT); (self organizing) teams and professionals
  • (HR) Professionals and managers
  • (Interne) teamcoaches
  • Scrum Masters
  • Agile teamcoaches

Feedback participants

“ The most interesting learning path were the team dynamics of our learning team, the interventions of the trainer; there was safety to be vulnerable and open and to learn together."

"For me one of the most important lessons is that I keep on going with facilitating on the questions of the cliënt, so to keep listening on different levels and not to judge or start talking and to give advise. So I learned to be silent and to wait for the client to become aware of his/her own (potential) solutions." (Organisatieadviseur/MZ-opleider)

"The trainer, as an experienced teamcoach learned us to discover the essence of our own development by personal attention and questions, by appreciative and professional feedback (again and again from wondering questions)." The trainer/coach taught us the essence of coaching by focusing on our own developments with personal attention, and giving feedback by lots of practice - HR manager Municipality

I experienced the guidance/support of the trainer as very pleaant, personal and committed. She is very involved, attentive to the learning needs of the group and easily relates them to theory and tools. she listens sincerely ... in one word: amazing! - (HR-professional Rabobank)

"I experienced Astrid Anna as a sensitive teamcoach/trainer who stimulates self organizing teams and professionals in responsiblility for people's personal and professional development and results in performance to client - Department Leadership Training - Royal Navy)


  • Insight in the theory and background of coaching and the context of the learning organization;
  • Vision, definition of coaching in the context of one’s organization, environment and target group(s);
  • Awareness of attitude-aspects of a coach, one’s personal coaching-profile, and the desired professional development;
  • Applying coach-skills and integrating these in one’s personal style
  • Learning to adapt to the learning-question, the desired change, the goals and behavior of the client/target group;
  • Stimulating responsibility and ownership of the client;
  • Building a relationship of trust through a (psychological) contract and procedure of establishing a coach-relation (phasing);
  • Shaping of coach-relation, from intake to mid-term review to end evaluation;
  • Applying theory/skills parallel to the Master by gaining 50 hours of practice as coach/supervisor;
  • Interventions and phasing in processes of change, being able to apply coaching methods and techniques;
  • Learning to observe the coach-relation and interaction with the here-and-now (meta-level);
  • Reflection on one’s practice and professionalism (self-insight and awareness);
  • Insight to one’s strengths and weaknesses, adjusting desired development, proactive leadership
  • Giving and receiving feedback and integrating this in daily activities
  • Knowing, identifying and applying according to the professional standards and the EMCC/NOBCO (inter-)national ethical code of conduct and competences of the professional coach.


An intake serves to discuss the personal and professional learning goals of participants and to clarify the criteria for participation and certification of the program. Furthermore, a personal development plan is used to monitor the personal and professional goals of the student. These are evaluated and presented at the beginning, mid-term and end. 


Please feel free to contact us about the costs for the Master Agile Coaching can be demanded. Customized, shortened programs are available for (experienced) coaches. Costs include the syllabus Master Agile Coaching, the extensive Toolkit for Agile Coaches and exclude location- and accommodation costs.   


Intakes start in October 2018. Future dates fall 2018/spring 2019 are adjusted to the schedules of the participants.

- Day 1 In Company: November 6, 2018 


Location is determined based on the wishes of the client: Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague or Castricum aan Zee. For Incompany Master Agile Coaching the location is decided together with the client/organization.

Senior Trainers/Coaches

astridanakuin2Drs. Astrid Anna Kuin, is senior coach en trainer met 30 jaar ervaring, ook als (interim)manager en HR professional, in de profit en non-profit sector. Vanaf 1995 verzorgt zij de Leergang Coaching. Haar kracht zit in het begeleiden van teams en intervisie en leergroepen van leidinggevenden en professionals. Zij is in 1984 afgestudeerd als bedrijfskundige, met als specialisaties sociale psychologie, TA en groepsdynamica, de lerende organisatie en teams, organisatie- en teamontwikkeling. Zij heeft zich verder gespecialiseerd in de psychologie, therapie en counseling als supervisor en als (team)coach. Zij heeft samen met Jan Remmerswaal de Leergang Train de Trainer gegeven. Kenmerkend voor haar aanpak is haar luisterend oor en empathisch vermogen, resultaatgerichtheid, rust en analytisch vermogen, humor en creativiteit. Met haar opleiding als Professional Scrum Master en haar achtergronden als bedrijfskundige, teamcoach en trainer (internationaal gecertificeerd met het European Quality Award door NOBCO/EMCC met de Leergang Coaching) traint en coacht zij deelnemers in de transitie naar en met Agile organiseren (mindset en tools).

Verdere specialisaties zijn: Mindfulness en Compassietraining, Enneagram, Voice Dialogue, Focussen, RET en Transactionele Analyse, systemisch werken, Oplossingsgericht Coachen en werken; Teamcoaching.

Indien gewenst wordt er tijdens de Leergang Coaching samengewerkt met een aantal professionals uit het netwerk van Coaching in Organisaties.  Zowel  Evert Hulleman (Transactionele Analyse), Ineke Pet (systemisch werk) en andere deskundigen brengen dan vanuit een specifieke invalshoek, hun expertise in gedurende deze Leergang.

Evert Hulleman, senior trainer en coach: "Als coach en trainer werk ik gericht op de dagelijkse praktijk van leidinggevenden, die ik zelf zo goed ken. Ik breng hierin mijn eigen ervaring mee als manager bij P&O en als hoofd van een opleidingsafdeling. Ik koppel empathie aan reflectie, feedback en authenticiteit. Ik werk met Transactionele Analyse en de Myers Briggs Type Indicator (Step 1 Qualified), en ben aangesloten bij het Belbin Teamrolgilde.  Na verschillende opleidingen (sociaalcommunicatieve vaardigheden en leiderschap) te hebben ontwikkeld en getraind heb ik mij ontwikkeld tot professionele coach in een Leergang Coaching, die ik ook zelf al zo’n drie jaar als interne trainer verzorg.". 

Ineke Pet, senior coach en adviseur in HRD vraagstukken; voorheen werkzaam bij GITP. Houdt zich sinds 2006 bezig met coaching in de brede zin van het woord. Persoonlijke vraagstukken, loopbaanvraagstukken en vraagstukken rond functioneren. Deze gaan vaak samen en om die reden werkt zij altijd eclectisch en van uit contact. Het maken van contact en leggen van een relatie ziet zij als de kern van haar vak. Zo wordt dat bespreekbaar waar het echt over moet gaan. Door middel van inleving en confrontatie gaat ze met klanten en coachees op zoek naar de vraag achter de vraag. Ze biedt inzicht, bekijkt mogelijkheden en stuurt op resultaat. Met haar brede HRD ervaring (HR – cyclus, functiebeschrijvingen, teamvraagstukken, training, assessment) bezit ze een scherpe blik voor de context waarin een vraag zich afspeelt en stemt ze haar interventies daar op af. Zij heeft o.a. bij Phoenix haar opleiding professionele communicatie (TA, NLP en systemisch werk) gevolgd.

Visie en Werkwijze


  • Achtergrond/aanleiding van uw vraag
  • Invloed vanuit de omgeving
  • Organisatiecultuur en communicatie
  • Stijlen van leidinggeven; samenwerking
  • Gewenste veranderingen/resultaten


  • Oplossingsgericht trainen/coachen vanuit successen en mogelijkheden
  • Klantgericht en persoonlijk ondernemerschap
  • Nieuwe vaardigheden en gedrag
  • Praktijk en doelgericht

Investeren in professioneel kapitaal

  • Open communicatie, positieve focus en professionele feedback
  • Verbindend leiderschap
  • Zelfsturende professionals en teams
  • Van controle naar vertrouwen

Waarom ons?

  • Allround coaches en trainers;
  • Ruim 25 jaar ervaring;
  • Praktisch en doelgericht;
  • Coaching van professionals en managers uit profit en non-profit organisaties.
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